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The Process

It couldn’t be easier to have your own personalised CV written for you. Just follow our simple process in order to get your CV created.



Step 1: Obtain your Free CV review.

Contact us in order to obtain your free CV. We will assess the standard of your CV, and how it could be possibly perceived by employers and recruitment consultants. We will provide tips on writing styles, layout, structure and other key areas so that it can be improved.



Step 2: Select a Package

Following your free assessment, if you wish to have either your existing CV modified or have a new one created, then you can select the right package for you from our selection. The different packages are dependent on:


  • Your targeted salary
  • Your targeted position
  • Your targeted industry
  • Plus any other key target areas


Step 3: Phone consultation with one of our experts

One of our CV writing experts will contact you. They will discuss your background, your qualifications, and skills developed. They will then discuss the desired profession, salary and industry you are applying for. This is an essential part of the process, especially if you are looking to take a step up the career ladder, are aiming for a substantial salary increase or are looking to apply for a completely new position



Step 4: CV Writing Stage

Using the information gathered, we will devote several days in writing your CV. We will use our extensive industry, commercial and copywriting experience to write the perfect CV for you. Typically the writing stage takes about 4 working days.



Step 5: Review and Feedback

Our CV consultant will contact you when the CV is complete. They will spend time reviewing it with you, and taking on board any feedback. If you require any modifications to be made, then you can discuss them. We understand that a CV is an incredibly personal document, therefore our consultants will work with you to make as many changes as possible until you are satisfied, however it must be noted that most customers are often delighted with the first version.



Step 6: Support
Our objective is to get you the interview, that’s how we measure our success. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, we are available throughout your application process should you have any questions regarding your CV.


If you have any other queries regarding the process, then please feel free to contact us via email or call 0845 388 4265.

Free CV Review

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