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Thames CVs Frequently Asked Questions

We have made a list of the most frequently asked questions asked by our clients. We regularly review feedback from clients and make note of their questions, and some of the most common questions are listed below.


If the question you have is not listed below, then please feel welcome to contact us:



    How does the process exactly work?

    Our CV writing service is a highly individualised system based on the individual needs of the candidates. We recognise that every client has a unique employment background and their career progression will vary drastically. Therefore after you have selected the appropriate package for you, one of our CV consultants will call you for an initial phone consultation.


    They will ask specialised questions in order to find out more about your background, and will gain a good understanding of who you are and the skills you possess. During the discussion, our CV consultant will learn more about the role you are applying for. After the discussion, our writer will devote a good amount of time to creating a first draft of your CV. Usually after 5 working days he will email you the CV, and will make any amendments based on feedback. You are welcome to make as many changes as possible, however experience writing thousands of CVs has shown us that modifications are usually not required.


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    Am I guaranteed of an interview?

    Feedback from clients has shown us that most applicants are invited to interviews within days of making the job application using a bespoke CV created by us. We pride ourselves on our high success rate, and how our high-impact CVs have helped so many clients get their dream job. As you’ll appreciate that in life, there are no guarantees, especially when it comes to employment, however we give you our promise that we will create an outstanding CV that will put you in pole position for job interviews.


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    How will you know what to write?

    Our consultants have many years experience in writing CVs, and as well as being superb writers, they have a range of recruitment, human resources and management backgrounds. They know exactly what the employers will be looking for, and will use special questioning techniques to learn more about your work experience and skills. Using this knowledge, they will be able to create a highly individualise CV for you.


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    I already have a CV, can you just adapt?

    Yes. This is a common request. If you are happy with the CV version you have and do not wish to have a total overhaul, then our CV writers will work with you to adapt it so you can highlight particular strengths and skills making the most of your past work experience.


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    Can you help make changes to my CV later on?

    It is quite normal for clients to apply for different positions, which in turn requires CV modifications to highlight other strengths instead. Depending on the nature and quantity of changes, we will assist you with these amendments.


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    I've seen places that charge £50. Why do you charge so much more?

    At Thames CV Service, we have an incredible success rate in producing CVs that get clients interview invitations. Our CV writers are of the highest quality, and much time and effort is spent by educated and experienced writers to create your CV. Generally our fees are 1% of the salary targeted by the CV. If using the cheaper services, our advice is to carefully confirm whether the CV service you are going to use will create a bespoke CV or use general template.


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    How long does the service take?

    Typically we say it takes 5 working days to write your CV. This gives sufficient time for our writers to understand your skill set and background, and the type of job you are applying for. They will then devote several days to draft and review what they have written. As a result of this systematic process, the first CV versions rarely need amending.


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